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Mac Miller

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Mac Miller has died. TMZ reports that the rapper was found at his San Fernando Valley home on Friday afternoon, and is believed to have died of a drug overdose.

Though Miller was only 26 when he died, he had already been making music for close to a decade. Between studio albums, nationwide tours, and releases under his producer alias Larry Fisherman, Miller was able to accumulate a sizable fortune. So what was Miller’s net worth? How much money was the rapper worth when he died?

Mac Miller Net Worth: $14 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Miller has an estimated net worth of $14 million. It’s impossible to know how wealthy he would have become if he had lived. However, based on the sales of his latest album, Swimming, one can assume that he would have continued to be a viable force in the music industry.

Here’s what you need to know about Mac Miller’s net worth:

1. He Signed With Warner Bros. Records for $10 Million In 2014

Mac Miller Talks $10 Million Warner Bros. Deal, Forgetting His Lyrics During Shows, Problems Being..Mac Miller Talks $10 Million Warner Bros. Deal, Forgetting His Lyrics During Shows, Problems Being A White Rapper, Threat Of Being Sued By Donald Trump. Click Here to Subscribe! ► The Breakfast Club Official Website ► breakfastclubonline.com2016-05-02T17:13:33.000Z

In 2010, Miller signed a record deal with the Pittsburgh indie record label Rostrum Records. He released his debut Blue Slide Park on November 8, 2011, and it became the first independently distributed debut album to top the chart since 1995. Due to the fact that it was independently released, iTunes earned only 25% of total sales, while Miller and his manager were given the remaining 75%.

Miller’s 2013 album was also released on Rostrum, but the rapper signed with Warner Bros. Records for a whopping $10 million the following year. During his time with Warner Bros. Miller released the albums GO:OD AMThe Divine Feminine, and most recently, Swimming. The Divine Feminine and Swimming debuted at number two and three on the Billboard charts, respectively.

To date, Miller’s discography is comprised of five studio albums and 12 mixtapes. It is currently unclear whether he will have any posthumous releases.

2.  He Had Endorsement Deals with Mountain Dew & Zumiez

Mac Miller How I Dew ← All the secrets of Pittsburgh…! Mac Miller "How I Dew" ad2012-06-07T22:01:57.000Z

Miller managed to ink a few endorsement deals during his music career, including gigs with Mountain Dew and Zumiez. The former began in 2012, when Miller and fellow rapper Lil Wayne appeared in a Mountain Dew commercial. Miller starred in a separate Mountain Dew commercial titled “How I Dew,” where he speaks about the importance of connecting with fans and being able to live his dreams.

In 2013, Miller partnered with Zumiez and designer Neff to release a line of summer clothing. “The Neff and Mac Miller collection includes co-branded t-shirts, hats, tank-top, sweatshirt and watch,” the website reads. “The signature line marks a creative collaboration between two of the most influential entities in pop-culture.” The clothing line dropped in tandem with his studio album Watching Movies With the Sound Off.

Miller also had a reality series on MTV2 titled Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family. The series ran for two seasons between 2013-14, and follows the rapper as he moves from Pittsburgh to California with his friends and starts working on the aforementioned Watching Movies album.

3. He Donated Thousands to Various Charities & Foundations

Miller often shared his wealth with those less fortunate than him. After his studio album Blue Slide Park debuted at number one on Billboard, the rapper donated $50,000 to his local Make-A-Wish Foundation. According to Soul Culture, Miller promised that if he reached $50K in pre-orders  that he would donate $50K, and though the album fell just short of its goal, he decided to donate the money anyway.

In 2013, Miller donated another $50K to the production of Hi, How Are You: A Short Film. The film was set to star rock eccentric Daniel Johnston, and Rolling Stone reported that Miller would received an executive producer credit for his donation. He also received an organ that Johnston used on an Los Angeles tour, and a download of the original soundtrack. “Me and Lana Del Rey are both executive producers on a movie,” Miller tweeted. “That’s tight.”

4. He Was Sued for $10 Million Over His 2010 Mixtape ‘K.I.D.S.’

Mac Miller Speaks on $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit with Lord Finesse on #SwayInTheMorningSubscribe Here! Watch the Best of Sway In The Morning! Check out More From Sway’s Universe #SwaysUniverse About SWAY’s UNIVERSE Exclusive interviews from Sway Calloway and the Sway In The Morning/ team with some of today's biggest celebrities, like Kevin Hart, Kanye West, Eminem, Usher, Jessica Alba, Steve…2012-08-29T16:44:55.000Z

Miller broke into the mainstream with 2010’s K.I.D.S., which stands for Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Sh*t. The mixtape featured popular songs like “Nikes On My Feet” and “Knock Knock,” but it also brought about a $10 million lawsuit from veteran rapper Lord Finesse. Finesse claimed that Miller had used his 1995 track “Hip 2 Da Game” as the basis for the track “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” without getting permission.

Finesse filed the lawsuit against Miller, his label at the time, Rostrum Records, and the music website, which claimed that K.I.D.S. had been downloaded more than 500,000 times. The lawsuit read: “This is a case about a teenage rapper — Mac Miller — copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a hip-hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career.”

Mac Miller – Kool Aid & Frozen PizzaGO:OD AM Album Out Now Download it here: Rostrum Records, Rex Arrow Films & TreeJTV Present… Mac Miller Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza Part 3 in A Day In The Life of Mac Miller in Four Parts Follow Mac at: Shot & Edited By Ian Wolfson Rex Arrow Films 2010…2010-07-26T10:04:19.000Z

Miller defended his actions on Twitter, and claimed that Finesse was aware of the sample. “I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18-year-old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions,” he wrote. “Finesse and I spoke on the phone for an hour after he heard the record and cleared the air. We even planned to work on music together.”

Miller and Finesse eventually settled the lawsuit in 2013. According to MTV News, the rappers reached a confidential settlement on December 6th, and the details were not disclosed to anyone other than the judge. “I’m actually legally not allowed to say anything about what happened,” Miller later told Complex. “Other than that it’s been resolved and we didn’t go to trial. If that was really a problem, people would be getting sued left and right.”

5. He Maintained a Collection of Luxury Cars

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Miller was a fan of luxury cars, and maintained a small collection of them during his lifetime. After being named Man of Next Year by Complex Magazine, Miller showed off his custom-made Fisker Karma, which can cost anywhere between $95,000 and $109,850. He also owned a Cadillac that ranged anywhere between $34,705 to $90,000.

Miller owned a G-Wagon that he crashed during a hit-and-run this past May. According to TMZ, the rapper put the car up for sale following the accident, and the estimated retail value of the car is said to be around $100K.

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