Emily Simpson’s Net Worth on Real Housewives of Orange County: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Emily Simpson on Real Housewives of Orange County has an estimated net worth of $800,000, according to TrendCelebs.com.

Simpson and her husband, Shane Simpson, are both attorneys. She’s the newbie of the real housewives clique, and she’s showing the other housewives how she can juggle multiple jobs, kids, and reality stardom.

Simpson is a copyright attorney and a party planner.

Simpson gave a tour of her house on BravoTV.com, showing off her huge walk-in closet loaded with party dresses, artfully decorated living space, and a backyard complete with a “spool,” or a cross between a pool and a spa.

Simpson wasn’t always wealthy, and showed one sentimental item in her closet – her $100 wedding dress from Nordstrom.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Emily Simpson Works As An Attorney & Party Planner

Emily Simpson is a copyright attorney, and also does party planning on the side. She juggles her two jobs on top of raising her young children.

“I found a way to work part-time, even though I took the summer off work to be with my kids, so that I can be a professional but also have time to still be with my children,” she told Backstage SoCal. “Honestly, I feel guilty when I work, and I don’t think any mom who works will ever completely get rid of the ‘mom guilt.’ I just feel that if you are a mother and you work, the main priority is spending quality time with your kids when you are home. They really don’t care about fancy things. They just want your time. So reading a book together or playing a game together may only take one hour, but it will have a lifelong impression on them.”

She currently works as a copyright attorney for the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates, according to her LinkedIn profile. She previously worked for the same company as a family law and paralegal associate.

She and her husband, Shane, both previously worked as associate attorneys at Pranno Law in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Simpson has been featured in several magazines. In 2016, she was named one of the Dynamic Women of Orange County by Modern Luxury Magazine for her party planning career, along with her sister-in-law, Shireen Burgan.

She earned her law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2005.

“Life is tough…But darling, so are you,” she wrote on Instagram.

2. She Gave Bravo a Tour of Her Orange County House

Emily Simpson gave BravoTV.com a tour of her Orange County home, which included plenty of room for her shoes and party dresses, and gracefully placed storage areas for toys.

The tour started in her formal dining room, complete with a grand piano.

“It’s that room where you try to keep your kids out of so they don’t destroy anything, so you have like one nice room in your house,” she said.

The living room is the place where her children love to play, but there was no sign of tours in the room. She said she hides the toys in decorative boxes.

“It’s a good way to have toys for your kids to play with, but your house still looks like it’s in order,” she said.

The spacious kitchen is connected to the living room in her open-concept home.

“This is where I don’t cook. This is the oven and the stove that I don’t use,” she said.

She added she does cook sometimes, but between her job as an attorney and raising three children, she often just makes macaroni and cheese or asks her husband to bring food on the way home.

She showed off her huge master bedroom and her favorite feature – a fireplace. They added a loft to the bedroom, but she plans to do some redecorating to add a chandelier and update the bathroom.

She highlighted the pillars in her master bathroom, and her bathtub which is big enough for three kids to bathe together and splash.

“It’s like a pool,” she said.

The walk-in closet held dozens of shoes and sparkling party dresses, since she loves to throw parties. She noticed she might need to update her shoe collection and go for some more adventurous colors, noting nearly all of them are the same color.

The backyard includes a patio with a seating area, kitchen, grill and bar. The kids love to cook s’mores over the fire pit. A “spool,” or half spa, half pool, includes a waterfall feature.

3. Emily Simpson’s Husband, Shane Simpson, Is Also an Attorney

Emily Simpson’s husband, Shane Simpson, also works as an attorney. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has worked as a claims investigator with APEX Investigation since 2015.

Before that, he worked as an associate attorney with Pranno Law in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also worked as an associate attorney for Simpson & Simpson Law in Lehi, Utah. His other experience includes working as a real estate consultant in San Juan Capistrano, California and as an investigations manager for Target in Orange County, California.

He earned his juris doctorate in law from Whitter Law School in Costa Mesa, California in 2003.

4. Emily Simpson Bought Her Wedding Dress at a Department Store for $100

Alongside Emily Simpson’s party dresses in her huge walk-in closet is one item she keeps for sentimental reasons – her wedding dress.

“I actually got it from Nordstrom, and it cost $100,” she said during a house tour she gave BravoTV.com.

Simpson wasn’t always wealthy, and her budget wedding dress alongside her glitzy party dresses show how far she’s come.

Simpson has Midwestern roots. She was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio, and moved to Orange County, California later in life.

She said she wants to renew her wedding vows with her husband, Shane, in part so she can “step up” her game, she said on the tour.

Simpson shared a video on Twitter of fun on a tractor, laughing as the children spun in circles.

“Welcome to Ohio,” she said.

5. Three of Her Children Drive Battery-Powered Teslas

Three of Emily Simpson’s children have battery-powered Teslas, starting of their driving experience with class. She shared a photo of the three children driving down the sidewalk of their neighborhood in line, her daughter leading the pack in a white Tesla, followed by her two brothers in blue Teslas.

Radio Flyer Teslas start at $499 each, and they can be pimped out with optional upgrades.

Simpson shared a video on Instagram of her children pulling into the driveway, both casually making a sharp turn to park.

“When your kids are way cooler than you,” she captioned the video.

Simpson’s husband, Shane, also drives a Tesla.

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