WATCH: 2012 Movie Trailer Mash-up is Frikken Badass

2012 Movie Trailer MashupFULL LIST OF MOVIES AVAILABLE HERE + REFERENCES: WATCH IT ON MOBILE THROUGH SLATE.COM: PRIMA PARTE – The Pruitt-Igoe Myth: Pruitt-Igoe was a large urban housing project that became infamous for symbolizing the shattered dreams of many and was subject to a great documentary this year. By the late 1960's, it had gone…2012-12-02T18:00:36.000Z

This kind of reminds me of that IMDB Top 250 Mash-up. Basically, some wonderful Internet person out there took what seems to be nearly all the movie trailers of 2012 and turns them into one massive trailer for the year. They did a good job of it too.

It would be interesting to see this same person do something similar for each year going backwards as far as they can. It’d be cool to see how movies (and how we try to sell them) have changed over the years. I’m guessing a lot more CGI. Get on it, Internet!

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