New On Netflix: Weird Science

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“So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?” An ’80s teen comedy variation on Frankenstein, Weird Science follows Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), two high school nerds whose fantasies about being popular inspire them to put bras on their heads (sure, why not?) and create the “perfect woman” via their home computer and a lightning bolt; what emerges from the bathroom is Lisa (Kelly LeBrock), a literal dream woman who becomes not so much the boys’ sex buddy as perhaps originally intended but rather their wise mentor in gaining courage and self-esteem. John Hughes‘ most gonzo movie is also his most fearlessly creative, though the film’s over-the-top sci-fi and fantasy elements are kept grounded by the sweet and sincere performances of the two leads — and their stunningly beautiful ladyfriend, who proves to be quite the skilled comedian as she shows the boys how to talk to girls and stand up to bullies (and occasionally conjures up an army of mutant bikers when the situation calls for such things). Ultimately, however, the film is completely stolen by Bill Paxton as Chet, Wyatt’s obnoxious older brother (and perhaps one of the Top Ten Great Movie Villains of All Time) who gets transformed into a disgusting green monster that farts a lot — hey, he had it coming. The catchy title song is performed by Oingo Boingo, the lead singer of which was, of course, Danny Elfman.