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15 Best Christmas Sheet Music Collections

Planning on caroling or gathering around a piano this holiday season? Stock up on tunes to play with our picks for the best Christmas sheet music collections.

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The roots of Chirstmas music begin with Latin hymns from the 4th century according to Wikipedia. Such music, usually sung in chants, celebrated both the Advent (the preparation for the nativity of Jesus and Christmas) and the Pentecost following Easter Sunday.

Christmas sheet music books in particular have their modern foundation, in English at least, in a book of carols published by John Audelay. The interesting part about this volume is that it collects not only devotional carols, but secular ones as well, which certainly defines the Christmas music landscape today.

In fact, much of the music we associate with Christmas falls into two general categories: older hymns that lend themselves to choral singing or the solo vocal performances that were popular during WWII and the post-war period.

Even newer Christmas music tends to fall into this latter style, with pop singers focused more on the secular meanings of Christmas, whether that be the gathering of loved ones or even the giving of gifts.

Those who would endeavor to play music during the season will of course have to know plenty of tunes from all generations of Christmas music. The classics will be popular listening, the carols make for great singalongs, and more modern entries will ensure everyone knows at least one song. Having a variety of Christmas sheet music at your disposal will make this possible.

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