Junaid Hussain, Team Poison Hacker, Jailed for 6 Months

TeaMp0isoN calls Mi6 Anti-Terrorism Command – TeaMp0isoNTeaMp0isoN calls Mi6 Anti-Terrorism Command – TeaMp0isoN2012-04-11T04:51:28.000Z

An 18-year-old who hacked emails of Tony Blair and made prank calls to a terror hotline has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Tony Blair.

Junaid Hussain, aka TriCk, a notorious hacker and leader of the group TeaMp0isoN (Team Poison), previously pleaded guilty to accessing the email account of a Blair advisor, publishing information of Blair’s contacts online, and making 111 prank calls over three days to an anti-terrorism hotline in the UK.

According to The Sun:

(Hussain) stole addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Mr Blair, his wife Cherie, sister-in-law Lyndsey Booth and other relatives, friends, MPs and Lords.

Lords don’t enjoy that sort of thing. The teen’s lawyer argued Hussain’s actions were the harmless pranks of a jokester, but today the TriCk was on Hussain.

In a recorded prank call to the terror hotline — posted to YouTube (above) — the operator asks Trick about Team Poison’s philosophy. He responds: “Our philosophy is actually pretty simple. Knowledge is power. We embarrass governments and, uh, f*** the police.”

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