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  • Wesley Britt, Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s Husband, Is a Former Professional Football Player

    Republican U.S. Senator Katie Britt is married to husband Wesley Britt.

  • Former Texas Candidate, Nevada Pro Wrestler Was Dressed as ‘Ken’ Doll When He Caused Man’s Death, Police Say

  • Virginia Man Strangled Drug Enforcement Agent’s Wife at Realty Office, Sheriff Says

  • Maryland Entrepreneur Jason Palmer, Who Beat Joe Biden in Primary, Says Public ‘Wants Someone Younger’

  • New York Man Strangled Woman After Watching ‘Dexter’ & ‘The First 48’ to Get Ideas, Prosecutors Say

  • North Carolina ‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Charlie Griffin & Dog Die After Boat Capsizes

    The body of "Wicked Tuna" Captain Charles Griffin and his dog were discovered near Pea Island after his boat capsized, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Indiana Mother of 2 Dies After Falling Ill on Airplane Flight From Dominican Republic, Police Say

  • Massachusetts ‘Future’ Nurse Dies in Murder-Suicide Inside Haverhill Home, DA Says

  • North Carolina Mom Murdered Her 4-Year-Old Twin Boys Before Child Custody Pickup, Sheriff Says

  • Utah School Bus Driver Used ‘Ignition Device’ to Start Bus on Fire With 42 Children Inside, Prosecutors Say

  • Oregon HR Director Gave Daughter’s Friends Drugged Mango Smoothies at Sleepover, Police Say

    Michael Meyden is a Lake Oswego, Oregon, man who is accused of drugging his underage daughter's friends with smoothies at a sleepover.

  • Michigan Man Shot Ex-Girlfriend at Comfort Inn Hotel’s Front Desk, DA Says

  • Pennsylvania Man Arrested in Murder of Pregnant Amish Woman Is From Corry, Police Say

  • California Dental Office Mass Shooting Suspect Was ‘Disgruntled Former Customer,’ Police Say

  • Wisconsin Woman Shot Her Boyfriend in His Bed, Menasha Police Say

  • Family Insists Woman Is Innocent After Verdict in Jennifer Farber Dulos Murder

  • Ohio Man Shot His Ex-Girlfriend’s Dad When She Went to Retrieve Belongings, Sheriff Says

  • Pennsylvania Amish Mother of 2 Had ‘Cutting Wounds’ Inside Home: Report

  • Texas Air Force Member Who Set Himself on Fire Made ‘Haunting’ Final Facebook Post

  • Minnesota Salesman , Father of 3 Shot His Older Brother Inside Elbow Lake Home, Police Say

    Connor Grytdahl is a 30-year-old salesman from Elbow Lake, Minnesota, who is accused of shooting his older brother Stephen Grytdahl to death.

  • Wisconsin Police Say ‘Organized Crime Group From Illinois’ Got Stuck in Mud During Pursuit

  • Montana Star Wrestler Was Killed In Kentucky Dorm by Fellow Student Athlete, Police Say

  • Wisconsin Paralegal Student, Mother Shoots Family Inside Home, Killing 2, Police Say

  • Wisconsin Police Warn of ‘Fake Video’ in Case of Missing Two Rivers Boy Elijah Vue

  • Wisconsin CEO Shot Himself in Hospital ER Lobby After Killing Wife, Police Say

    David Zittel, age 85, shot and killed himself in the emergency room waiting room of Prairie Ridge Health in Columbus, Wisconsin, after first killing his wife in the couple's home, the sheriff says.

  • Georgia College Student Murder Suspect’s Brother Arrested for ‘Fake Green Card,’ DOJ Says

  • Ohio Mother Admits Leaving Toddler Alone for 10 Days in Playpen While She Vacationed

  • Georgia College Student Laken Riley’s Accused Killer Jose Ibarra Is Not a U.S. Citizen, Police Say

  • Georgia Nursing Student Laken Riley’s Cause of Death Revealed by Police

  • Police Officer Murdered Missing Television Reporter & Boyfriend, Authorities Say

    Beau Lamarre is a 28-year-old police officer in Australia who is accused of murdering a missing television personality and his boyfriend, who were reported missing in Sydney.