‘Man Aisle’ Liberates Dudes from Girly Grocery Oppression

Well, it’s about time.

Finally a grocery store puts everything a guy needs all in one place. Why wade aimlessly through a sea of tampons, kefir and cornish hens when all you need is guy stuff like condoms, shaving cream, beer and barbecue sauce?

A market on New York’s Upper West Side has taken a historic step forward with the introduction of its “Man Aisle,” reports the New York Post:

“It’s your essentials,” explained Ian Joskowitz, 43, chief operating officer of Westside Market NYC. “It’s your water, alcohol, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, razors.

Joskowitz and his CEO identified a need “after reading an ESPN study showing 31 percent of men are shopping for their families, up from 14 percent in the 1980s,” the Post reports.

While that trend is disturbing to us, at least one grocery store has our backs in this cruel new world. It’s time for every store to make it this easy on men. Demand your men’s shopping rights. Boycot stores that aren’t man-dicapped accessible. It’s 2012 and we’re tired of shopping like women!

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