Paris Jackson: ‘So Help Me God I Will Make Whoever Did This Pay’

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris unleashed another angry tweet moments ago over her mysterious separation from her grandmother Katherine.

Katherine was reported missing over the weekend after she was out of touch during a trip to Arizona. Jermaine Jackson insisted everything was in order and cops confirmed Katherine was okay, but Paris has been freaking out after nine days with no communication from Katherine and is unleashing her passion on her Twitter page. Katherine is basically Paris’ mom — her main caretaker since Michael’s death — and Paris feels she has effectively been kidnapped by Michael’s siblings.

Yesterday, another Paris tweet received a curious response from cousin Tito Joe, son of Michael’s brother Tito:

And now TJ is seeking guardianship of all three of Michael’s kids.

TMZ released a video that claims to show an altercation at the Jackson compound — between Paris and Janet Jackson.

The footage shows Janet confronting MJ’s daughter Paris … and during the standoff, Janet swipes for Paris’ cell phone twice. Paris charges past Janet … and when Janet attempts to go after Paris, Janet is restrained by her brother Randy.

TMZ says an escalated altercation ensued — which explains cops’ recent visit to the home to investigate an alleged assault.

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