Secret Service Hooker Scandal: 9 Guys Get Off Easy

So is it a crime to have sex with hookers while protecting the U.S. president? No harm no foul.

Nine uniformed military members implicated in the Secret Service hooker scandal will not be charged, AP is reporting. The seven Army guys and two Marines will receive in-house punishment.

Twelve Secret Service members plus the uniformed servicemen were tied to the hiring of about 20 hookers in April. They were in Colombia preparing for President Obama’s arrival at the Summit of the Americas.

At the time, the Daily News published photos of the Colombian Escort at the center of the scandal. She said an agent wanted to stiff her, offering just $28 for her $800 services.

Dania Suarez says an agent tried to stiff her -- offering $28 for an $800 job.

Here is Dania talking about getting picked up by a cheapskate agent: