Crocs Founder Wasted in Wild DUI: Tells Cops to F**k Themselves in the A**

Crocs founder George Boedecker DUI

George Boedecker.

The man behind the world’s ugliest shoes had some ugly language for police when they busted him for DUI over the weekend.

Richer-than-God Crocs founder George Boedecker allegedly told cops to “f**k” themselves “in the ass” when cops in Boulder, Colorado, found him slumped in the seat of his Porsche Panamera, totally wasted, reports TMZ.

He also claimed it was his girlfriend who was driving. Who’s his girlfriend? A “batsh*t crazy” “really F**king famous singer” named … Taylor Swift.

When they asked for his address he said he had “17 f**king homes.” Read the full police report here.