Jennifer Lopez Sues Driver for $20 Million, Alleging Extortion

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Jennifer Lopez is suing her ex-driver, Hakob Manoukian, accusing him of extortion for allegedly seeking $2.8 million to keep quiet about dirty laundry he overheard while chauffering her.

TMZ reports that JLo’s countersuit responds to the driver’s claim that he quit under duress after JLo manager Benny Medina dressed him down in public.

JLo says the driver threatened to blab sensitive secrets because he was denied in his bid to be her head of security.

But back in April TMZ reported that Manoukian’s suit claimed he gave up his own company to be JLo’s head of security and transportation, with a salary of $200,000. Then, he claimed, Medina hated him, made fun of his English (Manoukian is Iraqi), and convinced JLo to demote him to a mere driver. Manoukian was thus “forced” to quit. See video above.

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