Holy Crap! America’s Got Talent Star Busts Ass, Sh*ts Pants

‘America’s Got Talent’ Star In Stunt-Gone-Wrong — Breaks Bones, Poops Pants

This will make you laugh for the sheer satisfaction of watching a guy get hurt doing something incredibly stupid. In this video Zac Gordon, the “America’s Got Talent” star who publicly inflicts pain upon his family jewels, attempts to jump off of a house and land crotch-first onto a wooden plank. The stunt doesn’t go according to plan and the idiot lands on a bucket of cement being used to hold the plank in place, breaking several bones and crapping his pants.

Gordon refused to go to the hospital, but consulted with a doctor just in case. I think it’s safe to say this guy isn’t capable of having any children. Not that we want him to.