• ‘F*** Off’ Headstone Stirs Controversy at Polk County, Iowa Cemetery

    A hidden message on a gravestone in Polk County, Iowa is stirring controversy. The headstone for Steven Owens is an acrostic that says "f*** off."

  • Alexis Skyy Gets Into Noise Complaint Beef With a ‘Karen’

  • Azealia Banks ‘Digs Up & Boils’ Dead Cat ‘Lucifer’ on Instagram

  • AirHostess71 a ‘Classy but Very Naughty Flight Attendant’ Outed as British Airways Staff

  • Darrel Walls: Video Leaks Apparently Showing Gospel Singer Kissing Man

  • Roundhouse Wedding Kick Couple Adam Gaudette & Micaela Robinson Married in June 2020

    Adam Gaudette and Micaela Robinson married in June 2020. In November 2020, a video from their wedding showing Gaudette delivering a roundhouse kick to his wife went viral on TikTok.

  • ‘Oovoo Javer’ Vine Star Is Now a Gay Porn Star Along With His Brother

  • Nuke Bizzle: Rapper Who Sang Song About Living on Benefits, Accused of Running Scam

  • Dustin Diamond aka Screech From ‘Saved by the Bell’ Becomes Death Hoax Victim

  • Hair Salon Owner Erica Kious Was Not Found Dead: eSalon Boss Becomes Latest Victim of Death Hoax

  • Maria Athens: News Anchor Arrested in Bizarre Anchorage Mayor Scandal

    Maria Athens is the Alaska-based news anchor who was arrested in relation to a sexting scandal involving the mayor of Anchorage, Ethan Berkowitz.

  • Mindy Dixon aka Lady Vi Named as One of the Dominatrixes in Rev. Travis Clark Priest Sex Scandal

  • Melissa Cheng aka Empress Ming Named as One of the Dominatrixes in Rev. Travis Clark Priest Sex Scandal

  • Giant Rat Found in Mexico City Is Not a Real Rodent

  • Kim Martin Morrow Is Not the CEO of Netflix

  • WATCH: Duquesne University Professor Gary Shank Uses the N-Word 3 Times During Online Lecture

  • ‘The Charli’ Becomes Part of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Menu in Honor of Charli D’Amelio’s Coffee Order

  • No Simp September: What Does Twitter Trend Actually Mean?

  • Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans Page Accused of Being a Scam

  • Doctor Amputates Toe on Back Porch Citing a ‘Lapse of Judgement’

    A Missouri doctor's license is revoked for amputating a friend's toe on a porch and for prescribing controlled substances for non-therapeutic reasons.

  • WATCH: Woman Blown Back From Jeep Explosion After She’s Seen Pouring Liquid Inside the Vehicle

  • Satanic Cult Leader Michael Aquino Has ‘Remanifested From His Physical Body’

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  • Kaori Dominick aka Kathalina Lopez: Porn Star Wanted in Colombia, Accused of Sex Act on Bus

    Kaori Dominick, a Colombian adult actress, is wanted by authorities in the city of Cali after she was recorded masturbating on a city bus without wearing a mask.

  • WATCH: Claims of Mice Seen on Pizzas at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport ‘False,’ Officials Say

  • Luciferian Marches for a One World Government Planned for June 21, Facebook Groups Say

  • Illinois Woman’s Vacation Romance Partner Gets Engaged to His Ex-Girlfriend While Partying in Mexico

  • 65-Pound Alligator Snapping Turtle Found in D.C. Area; Officials Name Him Lord Fairfax

  • WATCH: ‘You About to Lose Your Job’ Remixes From iMarkkeyz

    "You About to Lose Your Job" is a viral video showing a woman in handcuffs next to a police officer. The woman begins singing to the officer, "You about to lose your job" while also telling him to "check this dance."