• Azealia Banks ‘Digs Up & Boils’ Dead Cat ‘Lucifer’ on Instagram

    Azealia Banks is being criticized by one of "Love & Hip-Hop: New York's" biggest names after posts on Instagram showed Banks digging up her dead cat, Lucifer.

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  • ‘Oovoo Javer’ Vine Star Is Now a Gay Porn Star Along With His Brother

  • Nuke Bizzle: Rapper Who Sang Song About Living on Benefits, Accused of Running Scam

    Nuke Bizzle aka Fontrell Baines is the rapper who was arrested in October 2020 and accused of running a government benefits scam.

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  • Hair Salon Owner Erica Kious Was Not Found Dead: eSalon Boss Becomes Latest Victim of Death Hoax

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  • Mindy Dixon aka Lady Vi Named as One of the Dominatrixes in Rev. Travis Clark Priest Sex Scandal

  • Melissa Cheng aka Empress Ming Named as One of the Dominatrixes in Rev. Travis Clark Priest Sex Scandal

    Melissa Cheng aka Empress Ming is the dominatrix who is accused of having sex in view of the public with Rev. Travis Clark in Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisiana.

  • Giant Rat Found in Mexico City Is Not a Real Rodent

  • Kim Martin Morrow Is Not the CEO of Netflix

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  • Doctor Amputates Toe on Back Porch Citing a ‘Lapse of Judgement’

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  • Satanic Cult Leader Michael Aquino Has ‘Remanifested From His Physical Body’

    Michael Aquino, the founder of satanic cult the Temple of Set, has died at the age of 73. In addition to his satanist activities, Aquino was a military intelligence officer.

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  • Luciferian Marches for a One World Government Planned for June 21, Facebook Groups Say

    Luciferian marches for a one-world government are planned nationwide for June 21, according to various Facebook groups. There is no evidence that the marches are legitimate.

  • Illinois Woman’s Vacation Romance Partner Gets Engaged to His Ex-Girlfriend While Partying in Mexico

  • 65-Pound Alligator Snapping Turtle Found in D.C. Area; Officials Name Him Lord Fairfax

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  • Vin Diesel Not Dead: ‘Fast & the Furious’ Star Is Alive

    Vin Diesel, the star of the Fast & the Furious movie series, is not dead despite a Facebook post claiming the actor was killed during a car stunt in his backyard.