See It Here: Eva Longoria Bares Perfect Butt for Coffee Table Book

Eva Longoria, butt, ass, Mark Sanchez, nude photo

Okay, Mark Sanchez, we admit it. Eva Longoria may be on the downhill slide to 40 but she’s got a butt to make a grown man — and a lot of women, too — cry.

The tiny 37-year-old actress has stripped off to nothing but a sheet for a new coffee-table book, Asleep at the Chateau, and she’s shown lying down, “sleeping” with her bare back and perfect bottom facing the camera.

Eva Longoria, Mark Sanchez, nude photo, ass, butt
There’s a lot of high-classed nudity in this book, reports the Daily Mail, featuring stars including Orlando Bloom, Justin Therox and Usher, photographed by famed fashion and beauty photographer Jork Weismann for the book. It’s shot at The Chateau Marmont, the legendary Los Angeles hotel and Hollywood star hangout. The book shows stars in chairs, couches, or in Longoria’s case, beds, in different states of undress.

Longoria, for all her perfection, said she’s had a lot of trouble getting into the shape she’s in.

“I work out in the mornings when I get up. I have to do it then – if it’s after 11 a.m. it just doesn’t happen. I have to get it done while I’m still on autopilot because I hate exercising.”

She also says she tries to stay away from sugary foods. It shows.

Longoria started seeing the much-younger Sanchez recently after she broke up with Penelope Cruz’s brother Eduardo. Access Hollywood this past week said the Giants star is head over heels over his new lady love — and judging from her nude shot, we’re pretty sure the word “cougar” doesn’t even enter his mind.