Toddler Dies of OD When Junkie Parents Feed Him Methadone

toddler methadone OD dead

Jayden Lee Green never had a chance in life.

The toddler, who never turned 2, was doomed to be the child of heroin- and crack-addicted parents named Jamie Green, 33, and Sonia Britton, 35, of Bristol in the U.K.

He crawled around a squalid apartment where crack pipes filled the cabinet under the sink. And he died, tragically, when he overdosed on methadone — medication used to ween junkies off heroin.

But he didn’t ingest it accidentally. His parents actually fed the narcotic to little Jayden to put him to sleep. He never woke up.

Tests showed it wasn’t the first time they dosed their baby.

Though all manner of government social workers were aware of this effed up family — on their radar screen even when junkie Britton was pregnant with Jayden — they failed to save the child from his idiotic mom and dad, reports the Daily Mail. This despite numerous injuries to his head and face over his short life.

Once the little guy was dead, the government did get it together to do something, jailing Green for nine years and Britton for four.

Too little. Too late.

What do you think? Should parents in methadone treatment be allowed to care for their children? And what about methadone treatment in general — does it make sense to trade heroin for synthetic heroin and call it a cure? Let us know in the comment section.

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