‘Jurassic Park’ Impossible: Can’t Clone Dinos, Scientists Say

Scientists Say There is No Hope for Cloning Dinosaurs

If you ever thought you may one day have a pet T-Rex or Raptor for a pet, guess again. Scientists in New Zealand discovered that that the half-life of dinosaur DNA decays a lot quicker than previously thought, making it impossible to clone the extinct 65-million-year-old monsters that once ruled the planet. Basically, any usable genetic material needed to clone a dinosaur has deteriorated a long time ago. Even in ideal preservation circumstances of 23 degrees Fahrenheit, the DNA needed to clone a dinosaur would last for only 1.5 million years, way before scientists walked the earth.

Morten Allentoft at the University of Copenhagen and Michael Bunce at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia published the findings today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B science journal.

Maybe they got it wrong? We can only hope… or on second thought, it may be a good thing that s*** like this will never happen:

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