Greece Goes on Strike for 24 Hours to fight Austerity

Greece Strike

Much of Greece is at a standstill Thursday morning as as many people stay home from work to fight against austerity. The strike is to last 24 hours and was organized by the two largest unions. The streets of Greece were quiet as ships stayed in port, public transportation disrupted and many public offices and shops remained closed.

Several marches are planned and violence has already broken out in Athens, with youths pelting riot police with petrol bombs and rocks. The police responded with tear gas to disperse the violence as the marches took place.

This is the second strike this month protesting austerity measures the government is negotiating with the debt-ridden country’s international creditors.

“I’m joining the strikes, I believe these austerity measures are too much for the Greek people to bear, and I think they should have a say in things,” said one Athens resident.

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