Microsoft Surface Tablet: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Microsoft is coming out with a new tablet and it looks pretty cool. On Monday, the campaign for the new tablet kicked off with a musical video called “The Surface Movement,” which you can check out above. The new tablet seems user friendly and tempting to buy over other tablets on the market. Here are the top 10 facts you need to know about the Microsoft’s Surface.

1. Microsoft Released Another Video on the Surface

2. “Flip Out and Kick Back”
One of it’s many slogans is “flip out and kick back,” to highlight the new tablet’s integrated kickstand that allows users to easily prop the Surface up to give it support on a surface like a table or your lap.

3. The Surface is 9.3mm Thick With a 3mm Detachable Cover

Microsoft Surface

The Surface is pretty thin at 9.3mm and a 3mm detachable cover. The detachable cover might be the coolest feature of Microsoft’s new tablet. The cover is also a pressure sensitive keyboard with low-profile keys and doubles as a trackpad. There is an option for a classic type cover, as well, for a feel of a traditional keyboard.

4. The Cover Comes in Five Different Colors
The covers are offered in five different vibrant colors: blue, red, white, black and pink.

5. The Tablet has an HD Video Out Port, USB Port and MicroSD Card Slot

Microsoft Surface

The Surface features an video out port to connect to HD displays, a USB 2.0 port that connects thousands of devices quickly and a microSD card slot to add and remove media.

6. The Surface has Two Video Cameras
There are two video cameras built in to the Surface. One on the front for video chat and a rear video camera that is angled to easily record any moment.

7. It Starts at $499

Microsoft Store

Microsoft will start its tablet at $499 for a 32GB, the same price as Apple’s 16GB iPad, but it does not include the detachable cover. The price for the tablet and the touch cover is $599. The last option is priced at $699 and includes 64GB and a black touch cover.

8. The Surface Pro Will Release Three Months After The Surface
I’m afraid Microsoft is pulling a Apple-like move and releasing an updated version of the Surface three months after it releases the first one. Although I don’t understand the point of this, purely other than to make more money, at least they are telling you about it before you buy the first one.

9. Microsoft Revealed the Surface at the Same Time as Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 will also release on the same day as the Surface.

10. The Surface is Set to Release Oct. 26