Octomom Won’t Face Charges of Child Abuse After Nannies’ Claims

Octomom, child abuse, charges dropped

Octomom Nadya Suleman won’t face any charges of child abuse, after the Orange County, Calif. District Attorney’s office rejected all allegations made against her by two former nannies.

The D.A.’s office rejected the case, TMZ is reporting, after finding there was insufficient evidence to warrant further action.

The nannies claimed, among other things, that Suleman allowed one of her six older children to sexually abuse one of her octuplets. They also claimed Octomom bound her eight newborns to their bed with cheesecloths, and that the pattern of poor parenting was so persistent that in 2010 they wrote a letter and stuffed it in all the mailboxes on the street.

Suleman strongly denied all the nannies’ claims, calling them “blatant lies’ and saying they’re trying to sell their lies to the media because she moved her family far away from their former home.

She also said one of the nannies had developed an obsession over the octuplets.

[The nanny] wanted to do her best to KEEP my eight [for herself] … [The nannies] are hating because they can’t have what I have.

Suleman insists her children are happy, healthy and have great lives.