Tim Tebow Copyrights ‘Tebowing’ to Keep For Himself

Tim Tebow, Tebowing, New York Jets

Tim Tebow doesn’t care if you kneel down and pray — he’s super-religious and he likes it when people do that.

But if you think you’re going to make some money out of the word “Tebowing,” you’d better think again. The God-fearing Jets quarterback has copyrighted the term so he can keep other people from making money off it.

No, he doesn’t plan to “Tebow” for profit. You probably won’t see him kneeling down to thank the Lord for for a Pepsi or anything, but he doesn’t want other people to do that either.

According to Deadspin.com, there have been people fighting over the holy one for some time. Seems last December, when the kneeling started up, the website tebowing.com filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to take ownership of Tebow’s signature move, along with TebowingGear.com. They both were selling t-shirts. But Tebow’s attorney protested, saying the trademark should stay with the quarterback.

So now, if Tebow should want to, he can sell photos of himself kneeling in the end zone on hats, shirts, DVDs, Wheaties boxes — you name it, he owns it.

But of course, he says he’s just praying and doesn’t want to make any money off it. Guess when you’re making millions of dollars a year so your ass can warm the Jets’ bench while lead QB Mark Sanchez gets all the glory, money isn’t much of an object.

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