Top 10 Presidential Debate Moments of All Time

Tonight marks the first of three presidential debates featuring Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney against the incumbent president Barack Obama. Politics are pretty boring year-round, but there are few things better than a good political debate. Hilarious gaffes, awkward questions and sound bites that promise never to fail.

Here are the top 10 presidential-debate moments of all time.

1. Gerald Ford claiming that there is “No Soviet Domination of Eastern Europe”

Ford-Carter debate excerptGerald Ford's infamous gaffe in the 1976 presidential debate.2008-06-04T17:10:25.000Z

Best part of this clip? Ford knowing he was completely wrong but continuing to insist he was right

2. Ronald Reagan and the Microphone

Reagan's Nashua MomentFeb 23, 1980. In the New Hampshire primary, a single symbolic act dramatized the debut of Reagan's new image as a candidate and the demise of Bush's presidential hopes. It occurred during what was scheduled to be a two-person debate between Bush and Reagan in Nashua, New Hampshire, on Feburary 23, the Saturday before balloting.…2008-02-23T02:03:40.000Z

After the debate he went to the center stage and said “I’m Outta here!” a la Chris Rock.

3. Gore Intimidation Fail/Amazing Bush Reaction

Al Gore tries to Intimidate Fight George Bush at Debates NodDuring the 2000 Presidential debate Al Gore must have felt things weren't going to well and decided to go up to and try to intimidate George Bush. He walks right up and gets in Bush's space while he was still responding to the question. Bush looked kinda shocked and just gave him a guy nod.…2010-01-15T05:18:22.000Z

Al Gore invented the Internet and brought attention to ManBearPig but he SUCKS at intimidation tactics. Awkward Gore intimidation fail + Bush’s “what’s this guy’s deal” face= Awesome debate moment.

4. Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney & Rick Perry Get Physical In Heated GOP Nevada DebateAiring Date Oct.18, 2011 Mitt Romney puts his hand on Perry during a heated exchange at the debate in Nevada.Reminded me of when Al Gore stood over Bush in an older debate. Mitt Romney & Rick Perry Get Physical In Heated GOP Nevada Debate2011-10-19T00:56:59.000Z


5. This Happened…

Billiam the Snowman at the CNN/YouTube DebateBilliam the Snowman is answered: "We don't have to have our snowmen melting, and the planet shouldn't be melting either."2007-08-16T21:03:03.000Z

6. Dennis Kucinich Admits to Seeing UFO

Representative Dennis Kucinich UFODuring a MSNBC Democratic Presidential Candidate debate, Representative Dennis Kucinich says he once saw a UFO…2007-10-31T14:28:49.000Z

“Yes, laugh now everyone. We will see who is laughing when the aliens come!” — Dennis Kucinich to himself during debate.

7. Is Barack Black Enough?/Is Hillary Woman Enough?

How do you address being "black enough" or "woman enough"?cnn youtube democratic debate question 7. How do you address being "black enough" or "female enough"?2007-07-24T02:50:48.000Z

I think the guy thought he was asking the question to Bryan Gumbel and Rachel Maddow.

8. “Say it ain’t so Joe!”

Palin 'Say it ain't so Joe' @ Washington University DebateDuring the vice presidential debate, Sen. Biden says the middle class is getting the short end.2008-10-03T03:15:38.000Z

One word: Adorable.

9. Bush Brain Freeze with Backing Guitar

Bush speechless during debate with KerryUniversity of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. 2004 presidential debate on C-span. How could anyone vote for that monkey! Guess his audio feed went out just before he was supposed to speak and had no idea what to say!(btw, I did not, nor did I ever claim to have made or edited this video. Just found…2006-06-18T03:11:47.000Z

Bush had an uber uncomfortable brain freeze during the 2004 debates. Don’t worry, this guy added some backing music so it is less uncomfortable.

10. Rick Perry Forgets Everything

Rick Perry 'Oops'Rick Perry 'Oops'2011-11-10T02:38:03.000Z

Uber Brainfart.

Lloyd Bensen Burns Dan Quayle

Senator – you're no Jack Kennedy – famous one-liner that almost bought the house down by Wais"Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy" was a quotation[1] used during the 1988 United States vice-presidential debate by Democratic vice-presidential candidate Senator Lloyd Bentsen to Republican vice-presidential candidate Senator Dan Quayle. Jack Kennedy was a reference to John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Since then, the words "You're no Jack Kennedy," or…2011-11-10T21:38:08.000Z

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BURN! Dan Quayle shoulda warn some SPF to that debate!

Via the Washington Examiner

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