Top 10 Presidential Debate Moments of All Time

Tonight marks the first of three presidential debates featuring Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney against the incumbent president Barack Obama. Politics are pretty boring year-round, but there are few things better than a good political debate. Hilarious gaffes, awkward questions and sound bites that promise never to fail.

Here are the top 10 presidential-debate moments of all time.

1. Gerald Ford claiming that there is “No Soviet Domination of Eastern Europe”

Best part of this clip? Ford knowing he was completely wrong but continuing to insist he was right

2. Ronald Reagan and the Microphone

After the debate he went to the center stage and said “I’m Outta here!” a la Chris Rock.

3. Gore Intimidation Fail/Amazing Bush Reaction

Al Gore invented the Internet and brought attention to ManBearPig but he SUCKS at intimidation tactics. Awkward Gore intimidation fail + Bush’s “what’s this guy’s deal” face= Awesome debate moment.

4. Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney


5. This Happened…

6. Dennis Kucinich Admits to Seeing UFO

“Yes, laugh now everyone. We will see who is laughing when the aliens come!” — Dennis Kucinich to himself during debate.

7. Is Barack Black Enough?/Is Hillary Woman Enough?

I think the guy thought he was asking the question to Bryan Gumbel and Rachel Maddow.

8. “Say it ain’t so Joe!”

One word: Adorable.

9. Bush Brain Freeze with Backing Guitar

Bush had an uber uncomfortable brain freeze during the 2004 debates. Don’t worry, this guy added some backing music so it is less uncomfortable.

10. Rick Perry Forgets Everything

Uber Brainfart.

Lloyd Bensen Burns Dan Quayle

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BURN! Dan Quayle shoulda warn some SPF to that debate!

Via the Washington Examiner

Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .