Why Did CNN Cut Away From Their Broadcast of Baumgartner’s Jump?!

See that image above. CNN cut away seconds before that. Why? Because they’re a bunch of wussies. They followed this thing up to the very apex, the very moment we were waiting for, then, just as he saluted his home planet…they cut away to two talking heads no one could give a damn about. When they finally returned to live footage, he was already on the ground.

What the hell is CNN thinking? Akin to stopping Citizen Kane right before we shuffle our gaze onto the meaning of his “Rosebud”, during the film’s final shot, CNN cut their live feed of Felix Baumgartner’s jump, from the edge of space, JUST AS HE SALUTED THE ENTIRE WORLD AND BENT HIS KNEES IN PREPARATION TO LEAP OFF THE TALLEST POINT A HUMAN CAN JUMP OFF OF.

The brainless honchos over there decided instead to cutaway back to their two inane and uninteresting talking heads, whose names I won’t even mention for their complete lack of awareness during one of the most dangerous stunts of all time, and for what reason?

This thing is simulcasting all over the Internet, and they’re afraid of what? He explodes? So what if he did? Who hasn’t seen the Challenger explode? I watched taped footage of the Challenger explode in grade school. I guess their thinking is, as long as it’s not live, it’s OK, because I guarantee you if something bad did happen, they’d show you tape of it later in the day.

Way to drop the ball CNN. Good thing I was watching our own HEAVY.COM live feed, so I was able to enjoy, LIVE, one of the most exhilarating stunts every performed by a human being. Those hoping to receive their “news” feed from CNN, I’m apologizing for them. They are not interested in bringing you news. They are interested in keeping their jobs. Shame on you CNN for cutting away from such a momentous moment. But, hey, at least someone gets to keep their job.

CNN did, however, provide an explanation as to why they cutaway from the apex of the entire broadcast, which went along the lines of: “Well, we can’t show you live footage right now for the chance that something goes awry.”

Just another example of why American media sucks. The truth is always hidden, obscured and saved for filtering first.