Glenn Beck Dunks Obama Bobblehead in Jar of ‘Piss’

TV personality and all-around D-bag Glenn Beck is taking some heat after he placed a Barack Obama bobblehead doll into a mason jar full of fake urine. The stunt was done during a recent taping on his personal TV network, The Blaze. Beck says the ObamaPissMasonJar-gate was done in response to a picture that depicted President Obama as Jesus.

Beck preceded the bobblehead-piss-dunk with an eight-minute rant on art. During the rant Beck drew bras and panties on famous nude works of art. He also kept pointing at a framed copy of the Constitution.

Piss Christ

Glenn chose to use a jar full of pee so that he could also reference the Piss Christ photograph, a piece of art that stirred up debate regarding public funding of the arts.

Beck ended the segment with a stupid impression of the Dos Equis guy and a joke about Michelle Obama’s waistline.

A spokesperson from The Blaze said the segment was intended to expose the hypocrisy of people who are outraged over the defacing of images of the president, while these same people don’t comment when images of Christianity are defaced.

By the way, if you wanna buy the “Obama Pee Pee” jar, you can! Beck is selling the jar for $25,000.