WATCH: Woman’s 65K Christmas Lights Draws Crowds, Annoys Neighbors

We see them every year; Youtube videos of Christmas decoration fanatics that deck their houses in thousands of bright LED lights like the Griswolds and attract large audiences. They’re fun to watch, but what do the neighbors think? They’re annoyed.

Well not all of them. Ocean County woman Jan Steward in California decorated her home with 65,000 Christmas lights that flash to the tune of “Gangnam Style.” While most enjoy the spectacular show in their neighborhood, some say that the chaos that the show attracts is bothersome.

“It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not that we’re opposed to Christmas, it’s just too much,” neighbor Joe Flannigan said.

Police have already issued Stewart a noise violation. The woman turned the music down a bit, but the show went on.

What do I have to say about the complainers? Bah, humbug! Stop being such Scrooges and lighten up. It’s Christmas!

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