Jacintha Saldanha Family Blames Mel Greig, Michael Christian

The family of Jacintha Saldanha, the British nurse who is believed to have killed herself after receiving a prank phone call at the hospital Kate Middleton was staying at, blame pranksters Mel Greig and Michael Christian for her death.

A close friend of Saldanha’s told the Daily News that the family believes the Australian DJs are to blame.

“Because of them only it happened. That’s what we think,” the friend said. “We want an investigation about what happened to my friend. She wouldn’t do that unless maybe she had some stress from the hospital. She’s a very strong person. It’s definitely stress from work.”

Saldanha’s sister-in-law Carmine Barboza said that the nurse never told her husband that she was depressed over falling for the prank phone call and her brother, Naveen, said that she would have felt ashamed of the incident.

Saldanha’s husband, Benedict Barboza, is not only furious with the DJs, but with how the hospital handled the situation as well. Another close friend, Stephen Almeida, said how stressed Barboza has been since the tragic incident.

“He’s very angry about all the proceedings, not only about the DJs but all the handling of the situation in the hospital. He feels very angry about the hospital management. He’s been full of stress about the whole thing. It’s not a very nice time.”

Wife and mother of two, Saldanha was found dead just three days after Australian radio hosts Greig and Christian pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles in order to obtain confidential information about Middleton’s health.