WATCH: Katt Williams Assaults Target Employee

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He’s been making the media rounds, and not in the positive sense. After bombing shows all over the place in California, due to his erratic and irrational behavior, comedian Katt Williams lead police on a two-minute chase down a crowded sidewalk Saturday, mere hours before showing up at a Target and assaulting an employee with an impromptu bitch-slap.

What starts off as an innocent looking disagreement quickly escalates into the smaller Katt jumping off of his feet to smack a young man across the face. Not only does the employee eat the slap, but he looks poised to strike back. But, then he rethinks the strategy and goes about it the lawful way by calling the police on his cell phone.

The twist here is, not only did Katt evade police on a chase earlier in the day-it was called off to protect the citizens from harm, he was on a three-wheeler gunning 35 MPH down a sidewalk-but he also managed to get himself out of trouble in this incident as well. Just goes to show you, if you can tell a joke, you can smack a bitch.

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