Steve Jobs’ Yacht Designer: Pay $3 Million or the Boat Stays Here

Steve Jobs' yacht Venus unveiled in Aalsmeer, The NetherlandsOn october 28th Steve Jobs' envisioned yacht Venus was unveiled in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. has exclusive coverage.

Steve Jobs’ megayacht is stuck in the Port of Amsterdam, and won’t be released until the late Apple founder’s family or someone pays him another $3 million.

The designer, Philippe Starck has hired debt collectors to seek the final payment for the $137.5 million, 260-foot-long yacht. According to Starck’s lawyers, the designer wants the rest of the money paid before he releases the yacht.

“These guys [Jobs and Starck] trusted each other, so there wasn’t a very detailed contract,” Roelant Klaassen, a lawyer for Starck’s company, Ubik, told Reuters.

The yacht, “The Venus,” reflects Jobs’ love of minimalism. It’s made entirely of aluminum, featuring 40-foot-long floor-to-ceiling windows and 27-inch iMacs in the command center.

Of course, it’s not likely that yacht will stay in Amsterdam over a measly $3 million, which is only a fraction of what’s already been paid for it. Plus, Steve Jobs didn’t exactly leave his wife, Laurene, in dire straits, and even if she doesn’t want the yacht, there probably will be many people who will — if for no other reason than to say they bought it.

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