Kaley Cuoco Defies CBS for DISH Endorsement

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has put herself in the middle of a battle between CBS and Dish Network after tweeting about Dish’s Hopper service as part of an endorsement. The tweet was later removed after TheWrap started to inquire about it, causing Dish Network to accuse CBS for ordering “The Big Bang Theory” star of removing it to endorse their product.

TheWrap uncovered the tweet Thursday morning where Kaley Cuoco praised the Hopper service for being able to watch a show on any mobile device and jokingly asks for a tiny beer to drink with friends.

Kaley Cuoco tweet

Dish stated that Kaley was paid to tweet an endorsement on their Hopper service, which allows customers to watch previously aired TV shows without any commercials. CBS has been locking horns with the satellite provider since last May deeming that the technology is “illegal.”


“It’s disappointing that CBS – once the exemplar of editorial independence and innovation – continues to use its heavy hand to hold back progress from consumers,” DISH president and CEO Joe Clayton said in a statement.

Knowing that Kaley Cuoco has a huge twitter following of over 1.2 million people, Dish offered The Big Bang Theory star the chance to earn some extra scratch by endorsing their product. Cuoco has also endorsed companies like Toyota and Priceline doing TV ads for them that aired during this year’s Super Bowl.