McBRAWL: St. Patrick’s Day Melee at McDonald’s in Times Square [VIDEO]

St. Patricks Day McDonalds Times Square fight NYC 3/16/13Fight in Mcdonalds in Times Square New York City St Patricks Day2013-03-17T00:08:34.000Z

Saint Patrick’s Day 2013 was full of drunken citizens and plenty of green food, jewelry and clothing. For New Yorkers, the holiday also was marked by an insane brawl that erupted at the Times Square McDonald’s.

It’s all here to see — dudes in green throwing lefts and rights as insipid teenagers film it on their smartphones while screaming “WORLD STAR!” at the top of their lungs. Feast your eyes on the McBrawl in the above video, then take a peek at another St. Paddy’s Day-related brawl (below) from last year on West 3rd street. And last but not least, take a gander at this sidewalk brawl that erupted during some NYC snowfall.

Now that’s how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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McDonald's Melee St. Patrick's Day 2012 — W. 3rd St. NYCLittle riot St. Patrick's Day 2012 — In front of West 3rd Street McDonald's, Greenwich Village, New York City (c) 2012 Note 22 March 2012: Well, my little YouTube video of the St. Patrick's Day brawl in front of the Greenwich Village McDonald's near my house has now gone semi-viral — well over 50,000 hits…2012-03-19T17:40:00.000Z

St.Patrick's day fight in New York City…I would say that a mixture of the bad weather and alcohol got the best of this rowdy crowd.2013-03-16T21:02:04.000Z

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