Video: Bus Passengers Save the Day After Driver Collapses

Passengers save day in Poland after bus driver black out – CRASH FOOTAGE!Polish bus driver fainted The whole dramatic incident was captured by surveillance cameras on the bus near the town of Kiezmark, west of Gdansk. The driver suddenly slumped to the left and then fell on the floor to the right of his seat when the bus subsequently veered across the road. A female passenger was…2013-03-01T21:06:49.000Z

A heroic deed was caught by CCTV cameras when two passengers took control of a bus after its driver collapses and manages to save their fellow commuters from imminent death. The footage was shot in Poland near the town of Klezmark after 20 passengers were heard screaming as the bus was crossing over the opposite lane.

After the driver fainted, Irena, a middle-aged passenger, yells, “Can anyone drive?”

The bus then runs over a road sign, cracking its window. Another passenger, Gabriela Donke-Banach, helps Irena steer the bus back into its lane. A young male passenger comes through and manages to put the bus to a stop.

Irena spoke with local channel TVN24 about the life-threatening situation. “I don’t know how I did it. I was in shock,” Irena said. Other TV stations across Poland showed the footage and recognized Irena as a hero. The bus collided with another car, but no one got hurt.

Gabriela Donke-Banach

20-year-old Donke-Banach also spoke about her experience helping Irena steer clear of the bus. “Thanks to her instincts and reactions I am able to stand here today and talk about it.”

When the driver woke up, he was unaware of what happened after he was unconscious. Luckily, he didn’t suffer any injuries and was taken to a hospital for tests.

The head of of the bus company PKS Gdansk, Piotr Topolewicz, told reporters on Friday that the two women prevented a major accident from occurring and saved the lives of  many of its passengers. As a reward, he offered to give the women free bus fares.

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