FBI Finds Female DNA on Boston Bomb

Agents investigating the Boston Marathon bombings have discovered female DNA on fragments of one of the bombs, reports The Wall Street Journal.

There is no word on whether this means the Tsarnaev brothers had a female accomplice or this is merely the DNA of a woman who sold some of the items to the brothers or someone who was struck by a shard during the explosion.

What is known is that federal officials were at the home of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s former wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva, today to take a DNA sample.

The sample was taken after officials held lengthy negotiations with Russell’s lawyers. Her legal team had already stated their client’s desire to participate fully in the investigation into the Boston bombings that killed three people and left hundreds injured. CBS reported last week:

[She is] doing everything she can” to assist authorities and is “trying to come to terms with these events,” lawyer Amato DeLuca said last week.