UPDATE: Dead Gunman Who Took Firefighters Hostage is Named: Lauren Holman Brown

UPDATE: 12:30 p.m Thursday, April 11: The deceased gunman has been named by authorities as Lauren Holman Brown, 55.


The gunman who held four firefighters hostage in a home in Suwanee, Georgia, was shot and killed when police stormed the house after a tense four-hour standoff reports the local NBC affiliate. The situation started when Gwinnett County firefighters were lured to the house Wednesday afternoon by a man who faked a heart attack.

According to the Gwinnett Daily Reporter, the home is located at 2440 Walnut Grove Way in Suwanee, Georgia,

Google maps satellite view of 2440 Walnut Grove Way:

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Here’s what we know about the situation:

1. The Gunman Was Shot Dead After Police Stormed the Home

The gunman who took five Gwinnett County firefighters hostage is now dead after police stormed the house to end the four-hour standoff. When police felt the firefighters were in “immediate danger,” they used a flash-bang grenade to distract the suspect. The suspect died in a subsequent exchange of fire. All firemen made it out with only minor injuries. One police officer suffered a bullet wound to the hand but is otherwise okay.

“This is the result of his actions,” Gwinnett County police spokesman Edwin Ritter said. “We didn’t want it this way but he was calling the shots, and this was the end result.”

2. Firefighters Were Lured to the Home on a Ruse
Here’s how it went down. Five firefighters, all trained as paramedics, responded on a medical call at 3:41 p.m. local time, in one engine and one ambulance. Sources say the man at the home faked a heart attack to lure them to the house, according to WSBTV.

3. The Gunman Took Them Hostage
When the firefighters got there, the gunman, apparently the same man who called 911, barricaded himself in the house with his hostages.

4. One of the Firefighters Was Set Free
The gunman took five Gwinnett County firefighters hostage, then allowed one of the five to leave to “move the fire truck,” according to a fire official speaking live to the local NBC affiliate. Four firefighters remained trapped in the home.

The firefighters are from Local Engine 10.

Gwinnett County Fire Station No. 10, where the firefighters of Local Engine 10 are stationed. It's 3 miles from the scene of the standoff.  (Photo via Gwinnett County Government)

Gwinnett County Fire Station No. 10, where the firefighters of Local Engine 10 are stationed. It’s 3 miles from the scene of the standoff. (Photo via Gwinnett County Government)

5. There Was a Massive Police Response

A SWAT team was on the scene as part of a massive emergency response as they negotiated with the gunman. There were 50-plus police, fire and rescue personnel on-scene.

6. The Gunman Wanted His Cable Back
Gwinnett Police Cpl. Ed Ritter said that the suspect had recently lost his utilities and cable due to financial difficulties and demanded they get restored.

“He wanted all those things turned back on,” Ritter said. “That’s why he was holding them hostage.”

7. The Gunman Was Not ID’d Until Thursday

8. Suwanee is Located 30 miles Northeast of Atlanta

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9. The Home is Near Two Schools

firefighters hostage georgia suwanee

The house is located very close to the local high school and elementary school, which are both closed for spring break.

10. It’s a Quiet, Peaceful Town

firefighters hostage georgia

In 2007, Suwanee was voted one of the 10 best places to live in America by Money magazine. The population grew from 8,000 to 15,000 from 200 to 2010.