#FreeJahar Trending on Twitter: 20 Tweets You Need to Read

A Twitter hashtag started over the weekend that is trying to gain support to free Boston bomber suspect Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev. The hashtag, #freejahar, has been trending throughout the day and supporters are trying to help free Tsarnaev from the FBI, who captured him on Friday after they found him on a boat in Watertown, Massachusetts. Here are what some people in and around Boston are saying about the suspect and how they’re trying to free Dzhorkhar:

Some people think it’s Obama’s fault:

There are already at least 15 Twitter accounts that are associated with the “FreeJahar” hashtag. Here’s what some of those accounts have been tweeting:

Not only that, but a Twitter user who identifies himself as Troy Crossley, a 20-year-old rapper, seems to be leading the charge to free Dzhokhar. Here’s what he’s saying:

However, a movement using the hashtag #fryjahar shows a different form of the online extremism: