Pot Poll Shows Americans Now Favor Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana, Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

Pew Research Center Poll

According to a national Pew Research Center poll, the majority of Americans have shifted opinion to now be in favor of legalizing marijuana, reports The Washington Post. 52 percent of Americans believe pot should be made legal over 45 percent who do not. The percentage of Americans in favor of the drug has risen seven points in the past two years and by 20 since 2002.

The percentage of people who said they have tried marijuana at some point in their lifetime is also up at 48 percent, an eight percent increase since 2010.

The overall shift in support is due to a wide acceptance of the drug among young Americans as well as changing views of the baby boomer generation, who know of pot as the drug of their youth.

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As the public’s opinion on marijuana has shifted, so have laws governing the drug. Ever since Colorado and Washington made marijuana legal, the number of states to decriminalize pot are on the rise. Just recently the Maryland Senate approved a bill that would decriminalize marijuana, decreasing the penalty for the possession of less than 10 grams to up to a $100 fine with no time in jail.

The following is marijuana legalization by state:

Legalize Marijuana

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