Chinese Reports: Third Victim of Boston Bombings is Lu Lingzi, BU Grad Student

UPDATE: Read more about Lu Lingzi here:

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According to reports from Chinese news sources, Boston University grad student Lu Lingzi is the third fatal victim of the horrific Boston Marathon bombings.

Both Boston University and law enforcement officials have said they will not release the name of the third victim until they are able to contact the next of kin.

However, here’s what we know:

According to the Chinese Consulate in New York, a Chinese national is the third and final fatal victim of the bombing. The two other fatal victims, both named on Tuesday, were 8-year-old Martin Richard and 29-year-old Krystle Campbell.

In addition, we know from a BU post that the third victim was a graduate student at Boston University. In addition, the BU post mentioned three friends who went to the Boston Marathon together, one of whom was unhurt. One was listed as “critically injured” but is now stable. According to the Boston Globe, Zhou Danling — who was wrongfully reported in one news outlet as the third fatal victim — was in critical condition but now is stable and still in the hospital.

Lv, or Lu as she is known as in this LinkedIn profile, joined BU in 2012 and was expected to graduate from the graduate program with an advanced degree in Statistics in 2014.

Another corroborating piece of evidence is the fact that the Google Person Finder still lists Lu Lingzi as missing. In addition, the Boston Globe reports that Lu Lingzi is missing, according to their conversation with the Chinese consulate.

Meanwhile, her friends and others have been posting on Twitter about Lu Lingzi.