Obama Speaks in Boston: ‘It’s Our Beloved City Too’ [AUDIO]

Obama Photo

During an interfaith service held less than a mile away from the finish line of the Boston marathon, President Obama, along with other dignitaries, offered words of condolence today: “Every one of us stands with you, it’s our beloved city too.”

Two thousand people attended the service to seek comfort after Monday’s tragic bombing that killed three innocents and left several more injured. As one minister said, the community has come together to “heal our beloved city and this violence-weary world.”

Obama’s speech also attempted to instill hope amidst the mourning:

“We may be monetarily knocked off our feet, but we’ll pick ourselves up and finish the race.” The President also sent a very clear message to the attackers: “Yes we will find you. And yes you will face justice.”

Here’s the full transcript:

The manhunt for suspects seen on video taken before two blasts struck near the finish line, continues with force.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano confirmed to Reuters Thursday that the FBI was searching for people seen on a video taken near the finish line.

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