Dead Body of American Killed in Syria Shown on Newscast [VIDEO]

Syria News 30.5.2013, American and British terrorists killed in an army ambushes in Idleb* Three Citizens Martyred by Roadside Bombs and Mortar Shell in Daraa and Damascus Countryside * Terrorists Fleeing al-Qseir Killed, Operations Continue in Other Areas * Terrorists' Dens Targeted, Gunmen, including Non-Syrians, Killed in Lattakia * Abdullahian: Iran Received Verbal Invitation to Geneva Conference * Lavrov: Opposition Coalition Doesn't Want Dialogue, Seeks Foreign Intervention *…2013-05-30T14:51:33.000Z

A Syrian newscast tonight featured footage of the American woman killed in Syria by the pro-regime Army. The footage, which contains new images of the bodies of the three “foreign terrorists,” including a woman identified as Nicole Lynn Mansfield, also for the first time allows us to see the bullet-riddled car the group was traveling in during the attack.

Watch the footage above (skip to 7:53).

For more information on this story as it breaks read here:

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