Kindergarten Graduation Brawl: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Local WKYC Cleveland news photo shows the scene outside the Micahel R. White Elementary School

A large fight broke out this morning at Michael R. White Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Here’s what we know about this breaking story.

1. The Fight Occurred During a Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Some are reporting that the fight occurred during the ceremony and others say it happened outside in the parking lot. However, local Cleveland news affiliate WKYC says that the ceremony was not affected by the altercation.

2. The Fight Reportedly Started with Two Children, and Then Parents Got Involved

There is dispute as to how many people were involved and whether it was primarily among the parents or the children, but local NewsChannel5 in Cleveland is reporting that two students got into a fight at the end of the ceremony and then the families got dragged into the ruckus.

3. Local Cleveland News Says the Fight Started Over Spilled Punch

The cause of the fight is still under dispute, but 19 Action News is reporting that the incident occurred when someone accidentally spilled some punch. However, WKYC reports that the fight started over an incident earlier in the day.

4. Early Reports of Shots Fired Turned Out to be False

There were initial reports of a shooting at the school. Those early reports have turned out to not be true.

5. At Least Seven People Are in Custody

Local news affiliates are reporting that at least seven or eight people have been taken in to custody, and may be charged with inciting a riot.

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