Egypt’s President Morsi Under House Arrest, Reports Local TV


BREAKING NEWS: According to Egyptian TV reports, President Morsi has been placed under house arrest after the army’s ultimatum reached its deadline. In response to the surge in violent protests, Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued a 48-hour ultimatum to President Mohamed Morsi to “meet the demands of the people” or the army will intervene.

Yesterday, the weakened president gave a live address in which he expressed his steadfast conviction that he will remain the “legitimate” leader of Egypt. “God almight knows I am not clenching to the seat of power but it is not acceptable I was elected by the people in fair transparent elections,” he said as protesters flooded to the streets, chanting for his removal.

With news of his alleged house arrest, protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square rejoice.

Meanwhile, two of Morsi’s advisors have said that “reports of his house arrest are not true.” What has been confirmed is that a travel ban has been imposed of Egypt’s President as well as two Muslim Brotherhood officials. According to Reuters, an aide to president Morsi has stated that a military coup is under way.

Stay tuned as this is a breaking story