Gruesome Autopsy Details: Hannah Anderson’s Mom Killed by ‘Dozens of Blows to the Head’



An autopsy done on Christina Anderson, mother of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, who was kidnapped by James DiMaggio in August, has determined that she suffered dozens of blows to the back of the head.

The report also concludes that DiMaggio is responsible for the death, according to the Daily Mail. Although the autopsy could not determine the weapon used, authorities found a crowbar near her body.

The report, according to CNN, revealed a ghastly scene where Christina was tortured before being put to death. The autopsy revealed that she was bound by plastic cable ties with duct tape wrapped around her mouth and neck. Both of her legs and right arm were broken and authorities found a cut on her neck. Her body was found next to the family dog, who was also killed.

DiMaggio is believed to also be responsible for the death of Hannah Anderson’s little brother, Ethan, who’s cause of death has not been determined due to extensive damaged caused by the fire the assailant started as he left the Anderson home. According to CNN, his body was burned beyond recognition.

On August 8, DiMaggio, a close family friend, murdered Christina and Ethan Anderson in their home. He abducted Hannah and started a fire to get rid of the bodies. An amber alert was issued and a nationwide search began, spanning into Canada and Mexico. The two were spotted days later by hikers in Idaho. They were soon located by the FBI. After taking a shot at the agents, DiMaggio was shot and killed.