Smog in China Reaches Insane Levels: The Photos You Need to See

Image Credit: Imgur

Harbin, China. Image Credit: Imgur

Horrific smog has shut down nearly all of China’s largest cities today. The brutal pollution haze has stopped traffic, closed the airport, and even forced schools to cease classes. Reportedly, 11 million people’s lives have been shutdown in the worst affected city.

Not only is the air a visual hazard, breathing it is a whole other story. According to the World Health Organization, a particular matter level, essentially the number of tiny toxic particles in the air, of 300 is hazardous; the number in Harbin (above) was recorded to be 1000 in some places.

According to Reuters, the smog will linger for another 24 hours.

The smog is so bad, it is visible from space. Nasa has released the following photo, according to


According to the Xinhua news agency, the smog catastrophe and extremely raised levels of particulate matter is likely due to heating being turned on in the city for the beginning winter in China.

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Further heightening the madness among the population is the likely true rumors that government officials have expensive air purifiers in their home, allowing them freedom from the brutal, cancerous air.

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