Mayflower, Arkansas Tornado Videos: Footage You Need to See

VideoVideo related to mayflower, arkansas tornado videos: footage you need to see2014-04-28T08:57:27-04:00

A tornado ravaged Mayflower, Arkansas and nearly leveled the entire city. Check out the tragic footage here.

Mayflower, AR tornado damage 4-27-14Jordan Hamilton and Tyler Costantini roll up on devastation in Mayflower, AR right after a tornado.2014-04-28T11:38:57.000Z

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Arkansas Tornado Damage Aerial Video 4-27-2014new drone video = and Check out my website at Drone video I shot right after the tornado moved through just south of Mayflower, Arkansas. Continue to follow KATV for the latest information and tomorrow we will have more drone video. This video is managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for…2014-04-28T03:21:58.000Z