Julia Collins, the Winningest Woman on Jeopardy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Illinois native Julia Collins, 31, is a celebrity when it comes to Jeopardy. Take a look at the 5 Fast Facts on Collins and why she’s making history.

1. Tonight Julia Collins Competes to Try to Set a Record

On tonight’s episode of Jeopardy, Collins could possibly tie the record for the second-longest winning streak on the show. Check out Collins’ audition tape in the above video clip.

2. She’s Called Jeopardy’s Winningest Woman

Julia Collins is currently being called Jeopardy’s Winningest Woman, having amassed $391,600 thus far. Currently, Collins is out of work, though her profession is a supply-chain specialist from Kenilworth, Illinois. Growing up, Collins was always a fan of Jeopardy. In fact, in her 8th grade yearbook she said she’d grow up to be a Jeopardy champ.

3. Ken Jennings Is the Current Champ

Collins will try to tie former champion David Madden’s 19 wins. Next on the list is Ken Jennings with 74 wins. Have a look at the amazing Jennings in the above Jeopardy episode.

Huffington Post gives the rundown on all the record-breaking winners:

Since Jeopardy rules were changed to allow contestants to win more than five games in a row, only the legendary Ken Jennings, who won 74 games in 2004, Dave Madden, who won 19 in 2005, and Chu now stand above Collins on the all-time earnings list.

4. She Won Her 18th Game on Tuesday

Julia Collins has won an astounding amount of Jeopardy games thus far. Have a look at her very first show to see Collins in action.

And, as far as her wins, she sticks to a traditional style of Jeopardy, but has secured several “runaway” games. Huffington Post writes:

Seven of her games have been “runaways,” meaning that she was so far ahead by the Final Jeopardy round that she was assured victory.

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5. Her Strategy Is Being the First to Hit the Buzzer

So, how is Collins so amazing at playing Jeopardy? She attributes her wins to a simple strategy – hit the button first. As far as Collins’ educational background, the Huffington Post reports that she graduated from Wellesley College in 2005 and went to graduate school at MIT.

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