Bouchra van Persie: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Although Bouchra van Persie and her husband, soccer star Robin van Persie, had a rocky start, they are now committed with two children.

“Robin van Persie is a family man who dotes on his children, likes to play table tennis and lets his wife wear the trousers,” The Manchester Evening News said.

Here’s what you need to know about the wife and mother.

1. She Got Death Threats on Twitter

Bouchra van persie twitter


When it was announced that van Persie was quitting the London team for their Premier League, many blamed his wife for being a gold digger.

One tweet was, “I wish death upon you. I hate you, you scum bag. I hope your whole family drops dead.”

In turn, in January of 2013, Bouchra and her husband left Twitter for a time. She returned to the social media site in December of 2011 with the handle @Bouchra_vPersie.

2. She Almost Left Her Husband

They got married in 2004, at 20 years old.

However, in 2005, van Persie was arrested on suspicion of rape, after a pole dancer said he attacked her.

He admitted to checking into a hotel room with the stripper, but denied that a rape occurred.
The incident took place at The Tulip Inn in Rotterdam, only 200 yards from where Bouchra was sleeping, according to the Mirror.

They had only been married for a year at that point, and Bouchra did consider leaving her new husband.

However, she stuck it out and now the couple had moved on from the heartache.

3. She Can Sing

Bouchra van Persie sing a song.flvBouchra van Persie sing a song Nieuwe editie van het blad Helden — Shownieuws.tv2012-05-09T16:47:18.000Z

You can hear her singing in Dutch in the video above.

4. She Is Proud of Her Husband

Her Twitter page is filled with posts praising her husband.

On her profile page, she describes herself as, “The mum of two gorgeous kids and the proud wife of an amazing husband.”

5. She Has 2 Kids

The couple has a son Shaqueel and daughter Dina Layla. Van Persie signed a contract with Manchester United in 2012 after 8 years playing for Arsenal.

When he was on Arsenal, Bouchra was interviewed by the Mirror. She said, “A good captain should be ­concerned about the club, about the team, about everything ­involving Arsenal. Oh, and in the meantime, I have been promoted to ‘skip’s wife’.”

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