Cedric Djeugoue: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Cedric Djeugoue is Cameroon’s starting right-back for the 2014 World Cup. He’s one of the few African-based players in the Cameroonian team.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. Djeugoue Doesn’t Play in Europe

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He plays his professional soccer for Coton Sport in the inland Cameroonian city of Garoua. Only one other player in the Cameroon team isn’t based in Europe.

2. He’s a Rookie in the Cameroon Team

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Prior to the World Cup, Djeugoue had only played three times for the Cameroon team. He made his debut for the team this year. Despite his lack-of-experience, he was chosen to start Cameroon’s first game against Mexico in the 2014 World Cup. The Reuters preview for the game speculated that the Cameroon defense would be tested early against a team who like to attack from the wings.

3. Djeugoue Used to Play in Chad

Before moving back to his native Cameroon, Djeugoue played his soccer in the impoverished nation of Chad. His team there was Foullah Edifice FC. The Camer Post reports that while he was there, Djeugoue won the Chad Cup and was voted MVP in the country.

4. He Went to the Same School as Eto’o

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As a youth in Cameroon, Djeugoue attended the same soccer school as national legend and captain Samuel Eto’o. The school, Kadji Sports Academy, is located in Douala. It was there that the Camer Post reports that Djeugoue evolved into being a competent defender and midfielder.

5. His Nickname is ‘Laurent Blanc’

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During training Djeugoue has been nicknamed “Laurent Blanc” by his team mates, a nod to the famous French central defender. According to Camer Sports, there were scouts from some of Europe’s top clubs watching Djeugoue during Cameroon’s 2-2 friendly in May.