Tomas Berdych: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

tomas berdych

Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic poses during the ATP Mens Tennis portrait session. (Getty)

Tomas Berdych lost to the Latvian native, Ernests Gulbis in the quarterfinals of the 2014 French Open at Roland Garros. He was shut out of the match with a 6-3, 6-2, 5-4 sweep by the Latvian pro.

This was Berdych’s 6th time in a quarterfinal in a Grand Slam event.

Here’s what you need to know about the Czech tennis star’s career, girlfriend and more:

1. He Has Beaten Djokavic and Murray Before

tomas berdych

Tomas Berdych returns a serve at the sony Ericsson Open 2012. (Getty)

Berdych was well known as the underdog in 2010 who went around causing huge upsets. In the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, he made it to the final by defeating the No. 1 seed and six-time champion, Roger Federer in the quarterfinals. He went on to take down No. 3 in the world, Novak Djokovic in the semifinals but lost to now No. 1 in the world, Rafael Nadal. In the same year he defeated Andy Murray in the fourth round of the French Open, but lost in the quarterfinals.

2. He’s From the Czech Republic

tomas berdych

Berdych gets ready to return during a match between Czech Republic and Spain at the 02 Arena. (Getty)

Berdych was born in Valašské Meziříčí, Moravia, Czechoslovakia. His parents, Martin and Hana, had him playing tennis by the age of five and he excelled rapidly from there. His parents were both had successful careers; his father was a train engineer and his mother was a doctor. When he turned 8 years old, he was a top player in the junior national league, prompting his family to move to Prostějov so that he could train with better practice partners and coaches.

3. He Has Beaten Gulbis 4 Out of 7 Times

tomas berdych

Tomas Berdych plays a forehand shot against Latvia’s Ernests Gulbis in 2012. (Getty)

Berdych lost in the quarterfinal round of the 2014 French Open to Gulbis with a shutout of 6-3, 6-2, 5-4.

Berdych has faced Gulbis 7 times in his career, winning 4 out of 6 times. The two matches he lost to Gulbis were in Memphis in 2010 and at Wimbledon in 2012. Although Berdych seemed to be at an advantage, Gulbis had won the last 9 out of 10 matches he’s played while Berdych had won 7 of the 10 matches before their match was played.

4. He Has Won 9 ATP Titles

tomas berdych

Tomas Berdych returns the ball to Ernests Gulbis during their 2014 French tennis Open match . (Getty)

Berdych’s professional career began in 2002 and he has won 9 ATP titles since, and has made it to the semifinals of the Australian Open this year. Click here for to see his career records.

5. He is Dating Model, Ester Satorova

tomas berdych, ester satarova

Tomas Berdych and his girlfriend Ester Satarova pose for pictures at the ATP World Tour Finals gala dinner. (Getty)

Berdych was dating a female professional tennis player Lucie Safarova for almost 10 years before they broke up last year. He is now currently dating smokeshow, Ester Satorova since last fall.