‘Forgive Us’: Russians Leave Flowers at Dutch Embassy

dutch embassy russia moscow forgive us

A woman lays flowers in front of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow on July 18, 2014. (Getty)

On Thursday morning, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over eastern Ukraine. Of the 298 people onboard, 189 of them were Dutch. The Ukrainian government blamed Russian-backed separatists for the attack, while Russian leader Vladimir Putin has skirted any responsibility.

It now looks like even the Russian people do not believe Putin. Outside the Dutch embassy in Moscow, Russian citizens have been leaving flowers and even signs that say, “forgive us.” Check out the pictures below:

russians apologize mh17





Russians show their grief and respect, but stop blaming russia. The investigation will show who is responsible


It’s good that Russians show their grief and pay their respect, means a lot to the Dutch people The Dutch government , did not blame Russia while the investigation is still running ,unlike Putin, who blames Ukraine already. This what the dutch people don’t like. Also sad that Russian terrorists, do not allow people to help and to investigate the place, and start shooting again.
For all the Russian people that wants peace, and lay flowers and write cards to Dutch embassy,
Thank you all, it shows how great Russians can be.

Lot of Russian peopl

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