Joe Mixon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

joe mixon


The Oklahoma Sooners were looking forward to welcoming star running back Joe Mixon this 2014 season. That was until he allegedly assaulted a woman on campus prior to the start of his freshman year.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. An OU Student Claims He Assaulted Her and Broke Four Bones in Her Face

OU student Amelia Rae Molitor, 20, was hit in the face by an African-American male on Friday, July 25, 2014 while at Pickleman’s Gourmet Deli. The hit left her barely conscious with 4 broken bones in the face and heavy bleeding from the mouth, according to the Norman Police incident report.

Molitor told The Oklahoman that he was “harrassing” her at Pickleman’s prior to the incident and commented:

He punched me one time. He broke my face in four places … my nose, my sinuses … they’re broken.”

2. There is No Warrant for His Arrest Yet

As of right now, the police have not gotten an issued warrant to arrest Mixon, although he is the main suspect in the case. Police say they still have more witnesses to interview.

Mixon’s attorney Kevin Finlay told the Oklahoman:

[He is] cooperating fully and is definitely looking forward to the truth coming out.”

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3. This is Supposed to Be His First Football Season Playing for the University of Oklahoma

The 5-star running back was recruited from his home in Oakley, California last year. He visited in October 2013 and committed to play for OU thereafter. His career might be over before it even started based on this and his trouble adjusting to the university. He is currently spending the summer at Oklahoma to fill academic requirements.

4. He Was the Highest Rated Signee in the 2014 Class

Of the recruits, Mixon was the highest ranked of the freshman class coming into OU. He was a 5-star prospect and caused a lot of excitement throughout campus. During a visit in April, he even stood by the Sooners’ bench to sign autographs for fans.

5. The Victim is Scared of How OU Fans Will React

Against her mother’s wishes, Molitor plans on press charges against and sue OU’s future star running back. Since the OU campus was looking forward to welcoming him onto the team to help them win a championship, Molitor understands the risk it poses.

She told The Oklahoman:

That’s my big fear (the fans). I’ve been told to stay off of social media to avoid (OU fans) coming after me on there.”

Molitor said she hopes Mixon “goes to prison for years.”

“That’s what he deserves. I don’t care if he’s the star running back or not.”


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Here are some facts about Amelia that you should know. She shoved, then slapped him first. She was drunk and disorderly at the time. She has an extensive police record. Plain and simple, this is white girl privilege at its best.


Uh, he used a slur against her friend. How come no one is talking about that??? So what that she was intoxicated? He should have NEVER hit a woman, let alone an intoxicated one. I guess if you’re a football player you can do/say whatever you want. YOU DON’T HIT A WOMAN. Why didn’t he walk away?????? I don’t care if she had 50 arrests, you don’t hit a woman. He had no business using slurs against her friend. Case closed.


You mixed up the players about filling academic requirements. The article stops talking about Mixon and starts talking about Orlando Brown, Jr.

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