PHOTOS: UCLA’s Campus Is Under Water After Pipe Broke

USA: See tons of water gush through UCLA's campusVideo ID: 20140730-004 W/S Water flooding street C/U Water flooding street W/S Firemen at the scene C/U 'Do Not Cross' banner M/S Car stuck in flood W/S Cars stuck in flood W/S Student surfing the flood M/S Student surfing the flood SOT, Alex, UCLA student (in English): "I mean it's fun. I was trying to get some of my buddies here and they were like ohh I have my finals or like… I mean it takes 20 minutes to go out and have some fun. Yeah I think people should try it if they have a swim board, definitely." W/S Helicopter W/S UCLA streets flooded W/S Firemen at the scene C/U Floods W/S Roads closed by floods C/U Roads closed by floods W/S UCLA campus flooded SCRIPT A rupture of 93-year-old water pipe led to massive flooding on the campus of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and parts of Sunset Boulevard, Tuesday. The floods which gushed about 75,000 gallons (283,906 liters) of water per minute damaged about a hundred cars and five buildings, including UCLA’s recently renovated Pauley Pavilion. Rescue crews rushed to the scene to help people and vehicles stranded in the water that was reported to be more than a knee high. According to Los Angeles Fire Department, five people had to be rescued. The pipe has since been turned off, Sunset Boulevard closed, and afternoon classes at UCLA suspended. Some students decided to make the best of the free afternoon and floods and go surfing. Facebook: Twitter: LiveLeak: Google Plus: Instagram: YouTube: DailyMotion: Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv2014-07-30T04:23:24.000Z

People living on the campus of UCLA woke up Wednesday morning to find the campus under water after a water main broke Tuesday afternoon. USA Today reports that rescue teams were drying to divert up to two feet of water in some places on campus.

Here are the craziest pictures you have to see of the damage, and the fun, that come along with having a college campus under water.